Monday, March 09, 2009

I know I know...but I thought it was a blog that updates automatically. Opps.

So, my current location is Twin Falls Idaho. I am
here for a few days on vacation and well, so far its been pretty good. I have seen a few people, not everyone I want to see but I am getting there.

The last 3 days as of the 9th...I have gone snowshoeing everyday...It has been amazing...everything ranging from a S
unday stroll after church to an all day hike up and around the mtn...just to get to the top and snowboard down in power up to the knee...its been a great week so far.

So in this time I have had some time to process some photos. Actually I need to take time cause my work horse (Powerbook G4) is getting a little slow the
se days...I am proud to say that it is still going though. I am really excited to share some photos, it seems like forever...I know, it has been.

So just for the sake of getting photos up. Here are a few. Enjoy. I will have a more Brazil specific one soon.

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