Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Brazil

Merry Christmas all...I was just thinking about my blog and how long I have been updating it and its coming up on a 3 year birthday if you will here at the new year.  
its been an interesting time here in Brazil on Christmas.  Let me give you a little update on whats been happening before...

Part 6...

God has his own timing for everything.  If you were to ask me to explain how it works well, I don't know.  Pretty much you plan and
 do everything you can to make things work smoothly and he is still in control....which doesn't really have anything to do with time. 

So the rest of our team got here 3 guys from Latvia and a few others from here in Brazil.  Each day we would do all we could do with very little tools we literally didn't have a normal had a broken head on it...and was a finishing hammer.  There was plenty of things for us to do before the container got here Jorg, Dirk, and I were the main team up in the air for the first part drilling holes up in trees with no bolt to put them in which meant we had to climb the trees again.
Other places around the course it was ground work.  So in other words it was a lot of prep work for when the container got here.  

The night that the container got here was an exciting one.  It was about 23:00 and we had a whole bunch of people helping unload, almost 35 people!  Pretty Amazing.  

So, of course after that night the rest of the time the team was here was spent swedgeing, putting bolt in, drilling more holes, pre
tty much we put the course together in under a week...backwards.  I never thought I would say this but...math works.  NOT for me mind you but it still does...I guess.

So since all the team has left except Luba and the Metcalfs we are now the official make things look good team.  We still need to build a platform for the Zip Line and tighten Guy Wires, finish working on the High Circuit and then the important part is to train people how to facilitate on the ropes course.  

New years is here and we have just a few more days to relax and take off...its been nice but way to much time to do nothing.

So the Photos.  The first one is a picture that Brain, a guy on our team took...maybe it was Petra...anyway....if you look close enough you might be able to find Dirk and I.

The next photo is me on the Giant Swing tree drilling away...look over my right shoulder and you can see someone on the ground way...way down there.

And the last photo is of a girl in one of the homes in the slum behind the base...with us getting all the ground work done before the container got here we had spare time to do some ministry around the neighborhood...this place we ended up raising enough money just in our team to replace the roof(or lack there of) of one of the guys homes that was helping us. We were also able to buy furniture and a stove for him and his family as well.  Cool Stuff.

Well until next time...who knows when.

keep praying...I come home on the 12th of Feb 09.  

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  1. Wow Ryan. It sounds like an awesome group of people you're with!
    I looks like a lot of fun. You're in my thoughts, prayers and dreams. Hi-definition, no less.
    Take care buddy.