Sunday, March 02, 2008

Photo Videos.

A lot has been going on here at the base. Even though I am sitting in front of this computer most of the time now...I still don't have any time to update this has been a while.
The week of my birthday I spent up in Portland going back and forth from the Airport...Picking up and dropping off Students....Then the rest of that week was spent making slide shows of all the photos that were brought back from outreach....great stuff. I was able to edit and show a variety of photos...

So, I am really tired right now. It is currently 12:22 and I am going to bed but, before I do that I want to introduce a new little thing I am going to do....Since I am trying to find a balance between a "Photo Blog" and a blog that people can come to and find out what I am doing. I am going to Post some of my favorite photo videos that I come across on the internet. This will give you a little insight to the things that I consistently think about. When ever I enter a room I can almost tell you what kind of exposure it will need "in" camera for what I imagine. Anyway, Thats going to be part of my geeky side coming out in this world. So for my first movie...enjoy.

This First movie is one of a respected Photog up in Seattle/Paris area. Chase Jarvis.

So Sit back and enjoy this whole process of work by Chase.