Friday, February 01, 2008

Alien Bee800...I think I am in love

I had an real photo shoot today with all the staff on the base. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot with placement of lights, power, working with models...Man, I have so much to learn if I ever try to work in a "studio".
However, even though I am excited about doing that throughout the day...I had even more fun...getting all my work done! I had decided to bring my computer up with me so I could download and edit throughout the day AND work on all my other projects that need to get done...I am a little worried for tomorrow. What am I going to do? I sat there in the Prayer Chapel and asked myself why and how I got all of this work done...then I realized. I didn't have the internet...even when I am working this thing wastes my time. It reminds me of this video I saw (just a little bit more to waste your time.)

Today, taking all of these photos for the base, I learned how much I should have made...just for todays work. Lets just say I am glad I am doing exactly what I love. God is good. Now hopefully, with these photos they (the missionaries) can maybe send these out to there supporters...I hope I did good enough to be put on the fridge :) of their supporters.

The Ropes Course team left today for a confrence in Portland. Seems to be a pretty big deal. Man, I really miss Ropes. I love working outside, with teams, with the crew we have right now. I know that I am going to be working more in communications but that fresh air every day...I guess I could go take photos...thats how I'll get out. Take pictures. God is good.

For all my supporters (prayer, financial, or those who agree with what I am doing) out there that read this...I don't know who. Thank You. So far its been 2 years, and its been seriously the ride of my life. It is honestly such a blessing when I see your name every month knowing that you still remember me. It feels good. This year will be different with my contact with you. I really want it to be more. So, be ready. I know how to find you.

Well, I am really tired. Its currently 1:44 in the morn and I'll be back in the office at 8 in the morn. Good night to you.

Photo info.

First photo is Phil...I won't tell you what he is doing.

Second is Ethan and Mekeisha "Flying Ladies"

Third is Jason and Trisha

And Fourth is Mike and Nikki

I really enjoyed the family photos a lot this time great people to work with also. So, again good night.


  1. Just get your stuff done!!!

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Rusty: You never called back to get on the wall last time you were in Twin. What's that about? Anywho, just looked you up today and found this blog and thought I'd say hey. Sounds like all is going well for you. Take it easy. I know that you will.

  3. natalie8:30 PM

    quality work~ impressive!