Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Years has come! (and gone!)

Thats right, I am sorry for not showing up here like I said I was. Its been a different "New Years" for me. A good one. I am not complaining. At all. In fact it has been most enjoyable the different experiences I have had thus far this year. Ranging from getting back from Christmas and spending the New Years with friends/the hospital. (NOT ALCOHOL RELATED). Traveling up to Boise and participating in Trents wedding and spending a few days after trying to meet up with people in Boise. Some of which happened but most didn't (which sucks). Only a few days left here in Idaho and I am back into the game of things in Salem. I am really excited to go back. I really hope to pick up the ball and get things rolling (faster) for the base.

So I kind of want to share a little experience with you that I had in Boise.

I had spent the wedding night at the hotel room with the Beckers (his family, not the new ones) and woken up to a few inches of snow out side the window. Thats fine. I love snow. Nice and fluffy. Well, I had packed everything that I had with me and asked the Beckers to drop me off at REI cause I wanted to go look around.

Now, I don't have a ride after they drop me off. Once I step out of the car I am on my own. I did have a few people that I wanted to meet up with and talk to but some of them didn't even know I was in Boise at the time....anyways. I am giving you a play by play of the day. I'll skip to the funny part.

After I bought a jacket from REI later that day my backpack in position and my winter hat on I was walking to Trents house cause thats where I was staying. It was turning dark by this time and I was getting hungry (I hadn't eaten since breakfast) and I decided to walk into a Mongolian BBQ. Before I went in I had decided to only pay five dollars at the very most for dinner that night. When the man told me the prices for the meal I told him thank you and began to leave. He stopped me when I was halfway through the door and said, "Wait, I'll give you a deal!" Well, needless to say I became interested. He gave me half off the $10 menu which means....oh, $5...awesome. AND to top it off halfway through dinner someone from the back of the house (kitchen) came out and gave me two oranges!

So I ate more then my fill and topped it off with 2 oranges and 2 fortune cookies. God is amazing!

Now, don't get me wrong, I was sooo thankful for all they had given me (literally)
but when I sat down to eat I started thinking to myself why I got this "DEAL"
There are a few options here that went through my head.

A. I was their 100th customer that day.
B. He was giving deals out to people wearing backpacks
C. They thought I was homeless
or D. God was hooking me up...again.

I like to think it was D. but with the way they treated me I am not quite sure.

I had just gotten my beard/hair trimmed and my hair was tucked up under my hat. Thinking back on it I remember the cloths I was wearing my Kuhl pants, NorthFace down Jacket, Merrell shoes and my Osprey backpack. Not at all what I Imagen a homeless person to be wearing.

I think this Jesus person is funny the way he takes care of his people. He is faithful.

So, another story for another post but I made it back home (to Twin Falls) just fine and I will be going to bed now.


  1. That's quite the story. God is definitely looking out for us.