Sunday, December 02, 2007

A very long week.

This last week was quite an experience. Tuesday mornig we (Phil) and I were given a $2,600 advertising project for a popular Christian magazine...It had to be done by Thursday 1:30. So, starting in the morning we worked through the night...quite about 4:30 in the morning...slept for 5 hours...kept working until 1:30 the next morning. We had worked a total of 39 hours and were a little exhausted. We turned in the ad to the agency and they sent a quick reply back..."its not up to our 'creative standards', were not publishing it." Needless to say we were a little tired and just a little upset. They replied back with something that took maybe 10 minutes to make and that wanted us to OK it...Well, to make a long story short we ended up going with what they wanted...cause they wouldn't publish it. We did use one of my photos though. But, its still a sad thing, almost 40 hrs. in 2 days gone down the drain.

On other news, I have been going through some of my photos again that I kind of like and ran them through some pretty cool photoshop actions and just goofing around with some others. Kind of some cools stuff I think.

The Seattle shot I took was a few days before Thanksgiving when Phil and I were up there spending time with one of his friends/supporters. This is what happens when you make a wrong turn in Seattle with a little curiosity and a camera. It's a little park that we found. There were some guys there putting Christmas lights on the spelled WILL YOU MARRY ME? Kind of a cool thing.

On the way up to Seattle Phil and I saved someones life. Some guys brakes were literally on fire for about 30 miles. We came up to the Semi with Sparks and Flames coming out of the back of the truck...Oh I forgot to was a gas tanker...full of Petro! We finally stopped the guy and tried to put the fire out. Crazy!

So, it is about 1:15 right now. I am going to go home and sleep. See ya next time.

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  1. Nice stuff man, you are getting better and better. Bummer on that 40 hours. I know how that goes, I just did an original composition for my theory class, and my teacher tore it apart. I spent like some 30 odd hours on it and now I have to start over. Oh well, se la vie. Hey I am looking to get a nice entry/medium level SLR camera. What should I look at? Give me a call!