Monday, October 15, 2007

So many titles so little space...My Trip.

Currently I am sitting in a classroom just before class is to start. I have been in Latvia for about 4 days now...I think. Its all been a blur. The first two days I have been in 5 countries, 6 airports, and countless rooms where I don't understand the language...I LOVE IT! Though I would rather not have some of the experiences that came along with the travels it has all added up to be a very...interesting, fun, never again do I want to do it, experience.

The quick run down is as follows.

Jeff and I left Portland late. Chicago we left late. London was full of people trying to rebook flights...just like us...London lost our luggage. London sent us to Brussles...Brussles sent us to Berlin. Berlin we missed our flight to Latvia. Went to a room in the inn. Slept on the airport floor. We had to re-buy tickets to Latvia cause no airline would take fault for being late. 30 some odd hours we made it into Latvia.

So currently, I find myself in Europe with just my Camera Bag, Bible, and Chacos. Life is good. I have actually been able to wear Ivos cloths for the first two days because he had taken me to a wedding...Latvia/Irish style...It was so much fun.

On a side note, Just got word that Jeff and my luggage is en route. Thank the Jesus. Anyways, its time to start class soon. Oh and I have pics too.


  1. Dude Ryan! I miss you man! And Latvia!? Why are you there? I really should keep up with you better. Things are good here at NNU, got a girlfriend, school is hard and I have to work a lot to keep up at all. My parents divorce went through, that sucks. . . uh, other than that, can't hear God, and it's hard to see why this is worth it. Haha. Anyway, have a good one, and don't get into too much trouble.

  2. Nice pict. from yourself. ;)