Sunday, November 04, 2007

A few Photos of my trip.

I really want to share all of the things that has been going on this last month but I hope my photos tell a better story. I really had a great time, all the time. I feel very privileged to be asked by Jeff to go with him to these countries and do a little work up in the trees. I mentioned in my last post about my, it seems such a long time ago. Eventually, we got our luggage and continued working that week up in the air. Latvia, we built a Pamper Pole of sorts, except it was just a tree with a little platform on it. Very fun. The time that I spent there was great with Ivo and Kristine and I met many new friends.
On to Germany.
Jeff and I spent a lot of time working on the course there. We ended up building (the beginnings of) a Pamper Pole, a Burma Bridge, Giants Ladder, and a Multi Vine. LOTS of work. It was so much fun though. I got to spend hours and hours in my harness the last few weeks and I have enjoyed every minute of it. (except when I was cold)
On the Flipside when I wasn't in the Air or working on the course I got to continue to live out my dream and document what was going on. I went with Jeff so I got to document what he was doing. Yes, I loved it. I wish I had a little more time on the ground to take pictures but I ended up getting about 70 good images out of it all. I have been editing the images the last few nights. Next step is to get it published somehow for Jeff and his am I going to do that...:) I will be fun.

Currently I am home safe. (If you haven't gathered that yet.) I got home on the 30th and still have yet to experience Jet Lag. I didn't even have it coming from Thailand last year...I think its a myth. Anyways.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip. Mostly Black and white. Its how I have been seeing lately. Its a good thing...enough of the color to distract me, brings me back to learning photography and looking at different tones.

So I just decided that I am going to only post...4 pictures of my time...that way it will force me to continue to update my blog. (And hopefully bring you and more visitors back here to my blog) So. enjoy the pictures and see you next time.

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