Sunday, February 25, 2007

So being home for a few days has been nice. I have been able to relax (not too much) and support raise (hard work). Things have been really challenging, I guess I am not quite used to having to ask for money from people who sometimes don't always have the money to support me. I do know that God has a way of blessing people though, he provided for ALL my needs at EVERY moment in my life. Although, I could argue that point with God it is still true.
I was talking to my parents about how we (human culture) run the world and how it is totally contrary to what Christ would have us live by. (You can thank Tobias for this one). And we live on a buy and sell mentality where Christ lives with a give and recieve...STILL interesting.
Anyways, its early and I am going to bed. I have church tomorrow here was a few weekends ago snowboarding.


  1. So, I guess I'm kind of curious as to what exactly your 'ministry' is? I haven't really been up-to-date on that stuff.

    And then here's a challenger: why ask for donations when you could just leave it up to God to take care of you?

    Just some thoughts I had.

  2. Good Q's from Jimmy...

    Good snowboarding pics too. Thanks for the post on my blog. So far you're the only one, I think. It's hard to think that anyone could get tired of being in the presence of God. But I guess you're right about people getting used to living in God's presence and then rebeling -- kinda like what happened in Eden. We're easily distracted, humans that is.
    I love you man. Keep a fresh love for God going strong in your life.

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Those are great questions.

    I don't understand it either. But I do understand that Jesus did ask people what they wanted. This brings up the question; What was Jesus teaching when he was talking about asking, seeking and knocking. Was he teaching a principal to live by that affects the whole man or was he just saying that asking, seeking and knocking only dealt with the intangible spiritual things?

    Where does relying on God to provide everything without asking others to be involved in our needs and being obedient to do our part in the partnership?

    Thanks for the update. I like the pictures also.