Monday, February 26, 2007

In response to ymmiJ

Jimmy, a quick description of my ministry is; I work along side Missionaries and document what they do and give them something better then cheesy business cards for support. Through my images and stories that come along side of them.

Another aspect to this is; when I am out "in the field” what/where ever that is, I document what is going on in that culture. Thus creating books, magazines, articles, ect. so people can look at the images/articles (whatever) and then maybe I can give them inspiration to get up and do something about it themselves.... Chris T has always said, “I can't change the world with 1 picture but one person can change the world who sees my picture. (Something like that).

ALSO. I don't just want to take pictures where ever I am so, I am a facilitator on a Ropes Course (Challenge Course like at CSI) and I bring games with me where ever I go and I can a.) play games with people and b.) teach things I believe Christ would have us live our life by. (Trust, communication, goals, integrity..."fruits of the spirit") things like that.

So in short that is my "ministry" and it is just in the beginning I keep on getting more ideas its kind of cool. Its going from the morphing stage to something that I can begin to show people...pretty sweet having these dreams and they are actually playing out in my life.

So in response to your other question about donations:

I am currently learning (thanks to my parents)...let me begin like this.
I don't like to "use" people. I know lots of different people and have a lot of "connections" but for along time, (Almost a year) I didn't "use"? these people in order for help. I thought I could do it all on my own. Cause that’s they way we are all supposed to do it, so I can call it "MINE." So I can be the big dog. I don't need any Stinking help!
This last year has been a time of learning for me. I can start up my ministry (my way of life) by myself and I am sure I'll do OK at it. But, if I can work along side other people who see my dream also we can go further.

Two quotes that I remember from this last year.

"I can build a house all by myself and be happy with it. But, if I work along side hundreds of other people I can build the Empire State Building." - Me.

Another is

"If you want to go fast, go by yourself. If you want to go far, take someone with you." - Jeff Nelson (Ropes Course Director)

I have huge dreams and goals that I know are impossible for just me to accomplish, period. But with the help of people I can take that dream and accomplish something that we all can be proud of.

So in short (maybe long), That is why I have a donation button at the top of the page. And I think that I am trusting God with everything that I have. I am just giving the opportunity to somebody who may not have any other way to help out with my goal. Just taking advantage of what I have at my fingertips.

Thank You Jimmy for asking me those questions I have needed to get those written down for some time now. Not just for you but also for the other 4 people that read my blog.

By the way, the picture is of the ropes course going on one of our Mandatory fun days…rock climbing. This is when I did my first Mulit-pitch…good times. I had a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading this much...oh I have glasses now.


  1. Well, I can definitely say it appears like a very unorthodox ministry; I hope it works out.

    I have to admit I'm a bit jaded by the term ministry anymore; the term seems to suffer from what I heard one person call "word fatigue". My past experience with CSN, The Effect, and churches in general has shown that 'ministry' is a word that can applied to almost anything. Ministry gets applied to so much, and the evangelical movements have made so that ministry is a term that can be applied to everyone's lives and all that they do; when ministry is anything that Christians do, is it then really something?

    Like I said, I'm jaded, but I don't want to discourage you from whatever it is that you're doing for God. I say if you like God wants you to do this, then do it.

    About donations, you're right that more help is better: Solomon said in Ecclesiastes that 'two cords are better than one, but a three-fold cord cannot be broken", or something to that effect. I suppose a broad-based donation request might not be too bad, but maybe building unique relationships with people who are giving to you might be better, so that those who are your 'resources' to help you along can help you with the understanding of what your goal is. A warm handshake and a vocal hello with always beat a phone call or email that says 'hi'.

    Just my opinion, something to sharpen your iron with: my iron. That sounds dirty.

  2. I really need to edit these more often. I have some grammatical/spelling errors.

  3. Wow Ryan, I liked this one. It was a very nice blog. Anywho, I will give you a call, when this snow clears up we can go climbing, hopefully. God bless you my hairy friend!

  4. Encouraging words bro. I like how well defined your ministry is. I was curious how you were going to answer Jimmy's Q.
    You're amazing. I love what God is doing in your life.
    I feel like the Acts of the Apostles is starting up again and we're the characters God is using this time, and the ends of the Earth are the places where He is calling us to serve.
    His power is made perfect in your weekness! Your brokenness allows God a place to work.

  5. You got more than four followers of your blog. There are six of us in our family alone! We ran into your blog online and have been watching/reading all about your journey. When I seen the comment from Jimmy I thought- yikes. But you articulated a good response. I think that support is even more important than we think. It is a humble partnership in the kingdom of God. It is scriptural. We have to bond together as brothers and sisters. The act of supporting someone in missions and the warfare that happens within the unseen is the true reality. As a fellow missionary I can attest to the fact that it is not the easiest thing to do. Especially not in the western culture. Sad. We believe in you Ryan. My kids have fond memories of sleeping on the top of the giant swing tied to a tree all night. You are welcome to come hang out and take pics of the ministry going on wayyy up high in the Philippine mountains with us anytime.

    ps.I think Ian secretly wishes he could grow facial hair like you....

  6. Clover2:39 PM

    i just can't believe you called yourself the big dog...