Thursday, December 28, 2006

When do I leave.

So these three pictures… the first one is a picture that I took in Thailand (what was your first clue?) of a woman monk. I guess they are popular but I didn’t see a lot of them (or at least I thought) anyways, so it was just taken as we were walking down the streets in Bangkok. Shot from the hip. Now, the border around this is why I posted it on here. I have been searching for a “film border” for a while now and found one that suits me fine for now…(I would really like to get a realistic 35mm contact sheet I can stick my photos in.). That is enough of the nerd in me.
The next shot was taken in the middle of the night on the prowl for fresh snow a few days after the snow had fallen. I found this spot in the back parking lot of an elementary school here in town, threw down some Snow Angels with my friend Clover and off we went. By the way this was NOT my first snow Angel this year. When ever the snow flies…where ever I am. I made a promise to my best friend Josh to go and make a snow angel with…less then the proper attire on…so we could appease the snow gods for a longer winter for the days we would go snowboarding. In other words it is a tradition that keeps the snow on the ground longer where we are at. (In my mind it works)
And now for the last picture…I got to go hang out with Amanda for part of the evening but after a long search for a Carmel Frap…Well just so you know there aren’t any Carmel fraps in Twin Falls…no where. It has been just over a year since I have seen Amanda OR Jesse. (I miss you Jesse) and it was such a pleasure to just sit and hang out with Amanda and hear how life is treating both of them and Edward. You may ask, who is that person on the floor…Its Jacque…she was…really tired and the fireplace didn’t do her very well. It was great to hang out with them both.

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