Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its true I've been there!

I can now say I believe there is a Japan. I guess its always been one of my childhood fears that other countries weren't "for real" because I had never been there. Well, Today starts the day when I can tell you that Japan IS real and it is a place where people come and live/visit.
My flight went good. I sat next to a man that didn't want to talk at all. So, I just sat and watched movies for 10 hours straight. Ummm What did I see...Oh I finnaly saw the Cronic *WHAT* cules of Narninea. It was good. I also saw Fun With Dick and Jane (go Jim Carry...or wait is it Cagney) then a Japanse movie, some broadway move that just came out (you know with the two guys and the worlds worst show ever) and then...another musical that reminded me of Michelle through the whole thing NO BUSSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSSINESS? Yah the last two shows reminded me of Michelle. I would keep on rewinding the move just to watch the Tap Dances. In my head the whole time I was thinking "Ohh I can do that, I can do that too! Anyways, It was pretty cool.
Well I am going to find a picture that I have on my computer which is maybe a hundred pics (I erased everything off of here so I have more room for more)...still waiting, still waiting Ahhh There it is. Just a little something I saw the other day when I was cutting ropes. Kind of Cool.

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