Friday, January 13, 2006

this week

This week is wrapping up and we have had some great speakers come through already. This is Steve and Karen Kilpatrick. North American Director for YWAM. A plethera information and knowledge that was imparted to us about listening to God. I really enjoy what God is doing here because it isn't so much a teacher telling us what the facts are but a person out in the field telling us real life experiances. And in my case it for some reason is better to have that experiance than just hear say knowledge. Everything they are talking about (hearing God) All of us here at YWAM are hearing his voice much clearer and also realizing what else God has spoken in our lives.

Well I have to go. More Class

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  1. praymanid3:24 PM

    I hope as you go through these weeks you will start to understand what the christian life really is all about; being an Ambassador for Christ in whatever you are doing, no matter where it is. This way one can be content with much or little.

    Keep up the good reporting. I like the format. Good pictures and good captions. It feels like we are working together.