Thursday, January 19, 2006

Part of the story

Here are the Speakers for this week Jerry and Linda Praetzel wonderful speaker that is all I am going to say. That and Plumbline. Kind of cool. Goodnight!

Well, Here is the rest of this post. Jerry and Linda finished up today and alot of what I learned was Things Are Rooted;

Sitting here I am the sum total all the realationships that I have had until now. Everything I have seen, heard, learned, taught, tasted, smelled, covered up, everything is the reason I am the way that I am.
Jerry and his wife walked us through a "Plumline" of our life. Below is a picture of a table of what we all swing to.All of us are one thing or another with things in our life. Remember Truth/Love is our plumline right down the middle (aka Jesus)

So just a few of the things I have been learning. Christ is my Redeemer He is the one that has forgiven me I just need to ask for it.

It is getting really late and I am not feeling very good. So I'll see you later. Good night untill tommorrow.

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