Monday, January 23, 2006

Dan Bauman...

Dan Bauman leads a very ordinary life. Just an ordinary guy living in a very ordinary world...sort of... He lives in Afganistan (not currently) Through a series of ordinary days of listening to God he choose to live a life of perfect uncertanty, as a missionary. After being there for a while he went to Iran for 2 week that would change his life. As he was walking over the boarder he got arrested with he buddy and was sentenced to Jail. He didn't know how long. He didn't even know what for. He shared some stories about his time in jail. Struggles and Revelations, but he also gave us some ideas on what to do when your bored in Prison. Its called Underwhere Bowling. The object was to roll his underwhere to the other side of the cell and NOT touch the wall, the closest team to get to the wall wins, (Yes, he was both teams and the Refs) Well, he shared his technique with all of us there. Through the Years of not playing he still came within inches of the wall. Congrads Mr. Bauman you got the Gold Metal.

Well hopefully I can update a little bit more this week about what Dad had to say but, I find it ironic that the surmon at Christian Center was the same as the theme for this weeks DTS LOVE GOD. AND LOVE PEOPLE everything else will fall into place.

I am heading home on Wed to shoot a wedding and will be back here on Sunday evening. So I will see all of you Idaho folk soon.

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