Monday, June 04, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Jumping back into the saddle here in Salem has been bitter sweet...or at least interesting to say the least.

God did a handful of things down in Brazil that I am either still processing or I am in the midst of working/seeing through till the end.  First off, Brazil was great.  :)  The first month I was down there I worked with a lot of great people from all over the world, some people I have never met others I have only worked with over seas.  This is a huge blessing with my line of work, I get to meet people out on the field and the next time I see them we are out working hard again...working hard and playing hard. So, to the Ropes Course team that I have been down to Brazil with twice now....You are amazing.

A few things I knew/learned again on this trip.

1. God didn't forget a little boys dreams.

2. There is growth in my life even if I don't see it.


4. Do what God says.

5. I have friends all over the world.

6. God listens to me.


I think I might start with the last one first....but please check back here cause I will be posting more and more in the next week or so. 


  1. This is beautiful! I agree with you! Bless you, brother!

  2. Hey, what's number 3!!??