Sunday, March 04, 2012

I made it to Brazil!!


Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog for the first part of the year....I have been posting more internal stuff lately...stuff I am sure that you would rather not read...Struggles, hopes, hurts blah blah blah...its been an interesting year thus far.

All that said, I am in Brazil!  I set out a few months ago to raise support for this and another trip and after I made the announcement of going, both seemed to fizzle out due to other situations.  But, right at the last minute (of course) Money had come in and I was able to buy a plane ticket to go to Porto Velho, Brazil.  Sunday afternoon last week a spark of hope happened in the form of a check...and then it snowballed from there.  Thank you to all of the people who either wanted to see me gone or believe in what I get to do down here...

What is it that I am doing?  Well, first off...3 years ago I went to Brazil for the first time to build a Ropes Course...and the second time I am here to do the same thing...Jeff and have have been here prepping for the rest of the team to get here so I can get up in the air to start building!  

So far its been a great time!  I have been here only a few days and have been to the BBQ, invintoried the gear for 2 Challenge Courses to be built and gotten lost in the Jungle...(monkeys, snakes, bugs...haha...all good stuff) 

How long am I going to be here?  2 months is the plan...but...this is a place I could come back to...very beautiful, rainy, humid, I can work almost naked!  (I am the white guy) Good times...

Anyway, thought I would drop a note and let you know whats going on.