Friday, October 10, 2008

Africa and New School

So, one of my really good friends (person A) left last week for Africa (soon) and to be honest I haven't felt so bitter towards YWAM, someone (person A), Jesus, all of the above for leaving in a long time. I know I am going to see him (person A) again, I am confident in that, but seriously! Did you have to leave without me? BLAH! I am really stoked to see and hear what unfolds in the next few years for my friend(s) who are over there...really excited. I am sure all of them will be gracing the end of my lens someday. Have fun.

In other news. The Fall DTS is in session, and I am doing a little something different during this school. Most of the time I might get to know a few of the students...maybe. But God really challenge me to not just "do my thing" but to actually connect with the students. Normaly I would just connect with the people who would come back on staff and get to know them then...but thats now how my friend (person A)...or Jesus would do it. You see, Person A even when he knows he only has 3 weeks with a person, he invests as much as he can into the person and tries to disciple them. I am pretty sure the J man would do the same thing...wait, he did. Anyway, I am making time to hang out with the school cause I only have until November 16th before I leave for Brazil and I want them to experience as much of God as possible. So, that makes me excited about what God will be doing in their lives. Go God.

On the Photo side of things I have been doing a few different things around here. We have a "studio" if you will...more like a cave with 2 strobes in it...(it works so much better then not having one) but, I have been shooting quite a few "seamless backgrounds" for this look.
I don't think I quite have it down consistently but I am working on it. I am thinking Staff photos.
This next Monday I get 2 soft boxes to work with and frankly I am really enthusiastic about that. Its going to be great!

I have also been seeing some things in my head that I am going to try and get down on "film" some design stuff and some painting stuff...yeah thats right, I said painting...I don't know how I am going to accomplish didn't turn out so well in High School...but all that to say I still have something in my head for an ad ish background for something...I don't know yet.

So for the photos...Well, I shaved again...currently its all gone. But just as a warning, its beard time, who knows how far I am going to take this one. I am sure I'll give updates on that.

The 2nd and 3rd photos were of a Sunday Drive I took with a friend at church its at the Silverton Reservoir.
4th photo is a building up in Portland.
5th Photo of some students. Saturday I took a few of the girls up to Portland to hang out. Get this, we went to some Art Galleries and they didn't complain one bit! Amazing. In fact we also just walked around and they didn't say a thing. (I guess I was the only one complaining on that trip.)

6th Photo is the next day (Sunday) and the school went to the beach. Well, we kind of got lost and then found it. A little rainy but not to bad for the Oregon Coast. All in all its been a great time. Next time I update I have to write something about what is going on with our Visas for Brazil. That's a whole other blog post...I'll give you a hint. I went to San Fran for a day and a half...OK! Off to Bed.

See ya when ever.


  1. Yep you were the only one complaining on that trip. I think you owe me another trip to Forever 21 :P


  2. Hey Ry! I miss you so much... I hope that things are going well. I love reading your blog, it gives me hope to keep going. Love ya brother.

  3. Yo bro,
    I sure appreciate knowing what's going on these days with you. You bring meaning to my life, you're my inspiration... Whoa, I hear a great old Chicago hit coming on...

    Gotta have you near my, I gotta have you near me, ba-aby!
    When you love somebody... always on my mind...

    Anyway, I hope your spirits are being lifted, and that you're able to see the beauty of the Lord all around you. Not just when you're taking pictures, but when you're feeling down in the dumps, or even when you're taking dumps.
    Just remember, when you're on the elevator you ARE the elevator!
    Thanks for your ministry. Love you brobra.

  4. I like your seemless background at the beach. It looks like the ocean comes right up to the sand!