Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Wrap Up.

I have had one heck of a summer...well, spring summer. Since the April, I have been consistently going somewhere or coming back from doing something. Last week was the last Niko on the schedule and I am "grounded" for 2 months...maybe one month cause there are talks of me going on another mobile trip to document it for the Galilee Project. This ends only 9 days before I leave to go to Brazil for 3 months. Currently, my plans for the trip consist of helping build a Ropes Course for the YWAM Base down there for the first month, take a little vacation for Christmas and New Years, and then start on kind of a personal project with my photography. Now, I say kind of cause it involves my sister (RIP) and it also involves me documenting mission/missionaries where ever I am. Just a quick background...I had a sister that died of SIDS before I was born and my parents set up a fund in her name...well, part of the funds if I remember correctly went to a missionary that was stationed in Brazil. Now, unfortunately he has since moved away to Africa and is working over there full time...but I get to go and document what he/and his family has done over there over the years, along with kind of a legacy of what has become of my, a work/personal project. I will be flying back from Brazil on my birthday the 13th of Happy Birthday to me.
Right now, I am currently working on raising support for the time I am on the ground in Brazil. I had enough money saved up from the last time I was home and had enough for the plane ticket...but I had a little hic-up with on of my lenses...last May when I was in California I ended up breaking a wouldn't zoom or focus anymore. I have worked with it since then and last month when I was at a camp for foster kid in the area the lens literaly exploded in my hand...pretty amazing. Check out the photos. ANYWAY, I ended up having to buy a new lens. Luckly I have put money away each month to save up for it and I am a proud new owner of a Nikon 17-55 2.8 lens YEAH! For those of you who are checking up on the price of the lens, I got it for 5/8ths the price...thanks Craigs List, $800 bucks! WHOO!

SO, the Price I am budgeting for on the ground in Brazil will be $1000.00 food, travel, all that.

Now on to the pictures of the last few months....actually, these are just within the last few week.

The First two photos are of some staff here at the base. Ethan and Mekisha (forgive me for the spelling) and the other is Angela. The Next two are for the Freedom Project...some promotional stuff that I am helping with in Latvia. Of course the next is my broken lens.

By the Way. The Pano Photos are up and moving on the YWAM Website Here is the link.

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