Saturday, March 31, 2007

Trafficking and the ABCs

Lots of good news on my end over here. I have been taking lots of pictures of some different events here at the base (Freedom Day) and am currently involved in a WFR (Wilderness First Response) and it mainly deals with first aid when you don't have any "medical" facilities near by.

Let me start here.

Freedom Day. One of my friends Ro, has wanted to raise awareness of an issue that some (or a lot) of us don't know much about. Human Trafficking. To quickly sum it up, plain and simple, its slavery. Slavery. Its still exists. A lot of what is involved in this trafficking is sex, usually with children starting at the age of 5-8 sometimes....yeah, I know. Sick. 5-8. Boy or Girl. Multiple boys, or multiple girls. And literally all this can happen for just a few dollars.

SOOO, Freedom Day was a rally that we had on the 23rd on the capitol steps for an after noon. many people came by and supported what we were talking about. We were there to support a bill that was in process then, to make trafficking illegal, and punishable in the state of Oregon.
On a side note. Oregon is a huge trafficker because of I-5 and where it runs.

On to a lighter note of People bleeding to death and not breathing.
This last week I have been involved in a program that teaches HANDS ON FIRST AID TRAINING. I have already stopped bleeding on a gushing artery during my lunch break and also taken care of a victim who had an Ice Ax 2 inchs into his leg...LOTS OF BLOOD! Anyways, I am not really taking pictures this week of it but I am learning soo much...I will have some pictures of me in action in a few days.

I need to go to bed now its an early morning tomorrow. 6:00a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Every Day. Good Stuff. Good night.

Oh, all of the pics were taken at freedom day.

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