Monday, January 09, 2006

Still no pictures I will get them to you!

I am here now and had our first official day at YWAM Salem...It was good I am going to have to flip my whole life upside down and live on a schedual now. That will be weird. Gods already dealing with me and my middle name (procratination). We will see. I have already been used for my photography though. The Staff wanted headshots of all of the students so I was the one picked for that. Kind of nice I am being put to "work" already :) All in all I am feeling really old right now there are 3 people my age or older for the DTS Soooo. Well enjoy the pic I have to go.


  1. Hot Rod Mama9:50 PM

    Yaaahoooo! I'm glad that the Lord's working on ya. That's great that you are able to use your talent for serving the Lord already.

  2. RYAN!! I just saw on Jimmy's page that you had a blog so I had to come check it out!! SALEM HUH? Since when? I live not to far from Salem. How are you and what are you doing in Oregon? -Jenna