Thursday, January 05, 2006

I did it

I went on a hike yesterday to Silver Creek Falls. Great times. Packed my pack full of stuff (read junk) and my laptop and headed out. When I was down there I made a wrong turn and ended up hiking the whole loop. Anyways, I tried being a hiker and where boots...lets just say that didn't work and I finally changed out of them about 2 miles left on the hike. My feet were pretty sore. HUGE blisters. After I changed back into my Chacos I just started to fly.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took yesterday.

Until next time


  1. I like the color photo.
    I would like the other pictures in color also. The plants seems to shine. The green would be interesting to contrast with the growth around the water fall. My question is how did you take a wrong turn if you was on the path?
    Good Job, MOG


  2. Hot Rod Mama6:50 PM

    Hi Ryan,

    Great pictures! It looks like you had fun. How did you find out which way was North?

    Hot Rod Mama

  3. Dr. Quack6:59 PM


    Hi, how are you? I am doing something new. I typed this by myself.

    Dr. Quack